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Mobile Hearing Healthcare

At your home, living facility
or workplace

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Limited In-office visits now available by appointment only

About HearingWorks


HearingWorks of Austin, a mobile service, brings experienced and trusted hearing healthcare directly to clients. Our primary focus is to provide excellent home care, as well as education and solutions, to the hearing impaired population.

Our owner, Amy Smith, M.A./F-AAA. has extensive experience in the audiology field.  She received her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and graduate degree in Audiology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her working career began in Houston at The Methodist Hospital, in conjunction with Baylor College of Medicine. After a couple of years, she decided to follow her heart back to Austin.

She continued her career in the Austin medical community, devoting her time and expertise to guiding and supporting people with hearing healthcare needs. For the past twenty five years her various roles have included medical diagnostic audiologist, dispensing audiologist, patient educator, department lead, as well as graduate student supervisor.

As a licensed audiologist by the state of Texas and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, she provides extensive adolescent and adult diagnostic evaluations.  Additionally, she provides aural rehabilitative services, which includes making recommendations for audiological and support services for the hearing -impaired community.

Amy realized that due to Austin’s exponential growth over the past decades, many of her clients had difficulty, or did not desire, to commute to the Austin area. She also recognized the benefit of evaluating and treating in the individual's own home or workplace, which has the advantage of revealing the hearing and communication challenges in their daily routine. She established HearingWorks of Austin to provide exceptional service and compassionate care by bringing her years of hearing healthcare experience directly to her clients.

HearingWorks of Austin: Hearing Services

Professional Hearing Healthcare Services

• Comprehensive hearing evaluation and diagnosis
• Speech in noise evaluation
• Lifestyle-focused hearing aid consultation
• Routine hearing aid maintenance
• Lifestyle accessories such as TV streamers and amplified phones
• Fitting of digital hearing aid technology
• Multiple hearing aid styles and brands in various price ranges
• Custom noise protection, swim plugs and musician’s ear plugs

Hearing Healthcare Benefits Package

• A caring focus on how better hearing improves our community’s quality of life
• Trusted advice, for years to come, from a dedicated audiologist
• Personalized service from a locally owned mobile clinic

• Remote follow up options

• Unlimited cleaning and maintenance checks
• Manufacturer’s loss and damage coverage (deductible applies)
• Manufacturer’s repair warranty
• 30-day satisfaction guarantee

What You Can Expect

Initial free consultation:

  • 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss the client’s hearing related struggles and need for further evaluation.

First Visit:

  • Extensive hearing evaluation

  • Discuss personalized hearing solutions based on test results, personal lifestyle, and financial situation.

  • Make medical specialist referrals, if necessary.

Second Visit:

  • Dispense hearing technology adhering to the following protocols: 

    • Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation - program the hearing aid to meet your specific needs.

    • Speech Mapping Verification - determine that the settings programmed into the hearing aid are appropriate.

    • Validation Measures - assess and document the hearing aid benefit. Use of evidence-based tools compares the your difficulty in the unaided condition with your difficulty in the aided condition.

Third Visit:

  • Follow-up (for hearing aid purchasers) for final fine tuning.

*Additional follow up visits will be on an as-needed basis



HearingWorks Services

HearingWorks of Austin Insurance

HearingWorks of Austin strives to maintain affordability for all our clients.  In addition to our commitment to competitive pricing, we participate in several insurance plans and offer up to 1 year interest-free financing through CareCredit.  If you do not see you insurance plan listed, please call us so that we can assist you in determining your benefits. 

***As of June 1, 2024, all clients will be charged a $25.00 to $50.00 travel fee for all appointments depending on location.

Current Participating Plans:

  • BlueCross BlueShield

  • UnitedHealthcare Hearing

**HearingWorks of Austin will provide an itemized superbill for all out-of-network providers.  Please contact us for assistance with obtaining benefit information.


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